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    Applicability: Specifically for Nov 2022 Exams. (If any May 2023 student wants to purchase now itself, they may go with the book, however they’ll have to cover the Amendments Separately)
    Amendments: Already covered till 30.04.2022 Just refer this Additions/Amendments File in addition to 9th Edition Book – Download from Free Notes after RTP is released
    Fees: Depending on the Option you choose. (Also Note: No Refund in any Circumstances)

    Edition: 9th Edition (Nov 2022 Exams)

    Technical Requirements for E-Book: Please refer the System Requirements in the Product Image for Book. Book can be viewed on Android Smartphones / Windows Laptop – Desktop. The Book can used be viewed using an Application/Software. It cannot be Downloaded/Printed/Edited. Any other Markings/Changes etc cannot be done.
    Validity of E-Book:
    If opted for E-Book only = Unlimited Views for 6 months.
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    About the Book : Coming Soon


    Sample Pages from the Book:  Please Download from Free Resources Section on our website.
    Link: https://arpitatulsyan.com/freenotes/



    More Details about the Book & Its Content:

    Book is divided in 4 Volumes:

    Volume 1: Content Book of Company Law (In 4 colour)

    Volume 2: Question Bank of Company Law (In Single Colour)

    Volume 3: Content Book of Economic Law (In 4 colour)

    Volume 4: Question Bank of Economic Law (In Single Colour)

    Features of the Book:

    Multi – Coloured Book | Easy to Understand  |  Full Coverage of the Syllabus (Around 1300 Pages) | Detailed & Comprehensive | Includes all Amendments upto 30.04.2022 | Explanation using Flowcharts wherever possible  | Story Codes given to understand & retain the Answer | Exhaustive Coverage in Question & Answers – 1950 Questions (Subjective & MCQs)| MCQs also provided for every chapter | Relevant Case Laws covered | REVISION CHARTS , PENALTY SUMMARY, APPEAL TIME LIMITS SUMMARY ADDED CHAPTER-WISE

    Coverage in Subjective Q & A:

    18 – ICAI Past Exam Questions from May 2013 to Nov. 2021 Exams

    21 – ICAI Mock Papers from August 2016 Series to April 2022 Series

    13 – ICAI Past RTP’s from May 2016 to May 2022

    100% Questions from ICAI Material & ICAI Question Bank

    All MCQ’s from Sample MCQs issued by ICAI , Case Studies & MCQs by ICAI- also covered.

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    YouTube – Arpita’s Commerce Eduworld
    Telegram –  CA Arpita Tulsyan


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