Faculty: CA Arpita Tulsyan


    Applicable for: New Course (If Old Course students wants the lectures, then Extra topics can be provided on request which are in 100% English)


    Physical Books if opted for: LAW Printed Material (if opted for). New Book (6th Edition) as applicable for May 2021 exams will be provided. This time, Material is a Printed one & not Handwritten. However Concept of Simplicity remains the same. Also Summary of Penalties/Revision Charts/Appeal Time Periods etc has been additionally included in the Book Itself. 


    Language of Lectures : 100 % Basic English


    Duration: 63 hours  – Covering Content from Exam Point of View. (Pls Note- Fast Track doesnt include QA/MCQs etc)


    Validity: 6 Months or 2 times views whichever is earlier


    Recording: Basic Lectures in July – August 2020 & Amendments for May21 in November 2020


    Pls. Note: Basic Lectures are recorded in July – August 2020 & Amendments of May 2021 is already provided separately.



    Amendments: All Covered from 5th Edition Book & Also Covered for May21 Exams


    Also Note: Physical Book (if opted for) will be dispatched within 2-3 working days of order. (After Mid – December 2020) However delays might happen (Keeping Current Scenario in Mind).


    Intro Video about Coverage: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11gLNdtZoFn-xFfrpSYxL2SzxuCbH5-I?usp=sharing


    *The system needs to be connected to Internet once in every 10 days.
    ** No Refund In Any Case.

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