• Paper 6D – Economic Laws Book – Nov22 & May23

    Note: These Books can be used only with Video Lectures

    Applicability: Specifically for Nov 2022 & May 2023 Exams. (Pls Refer respective attempts RTP respectively)
    Fees: At Checkout (Also Note: No Refund in any Circumstances)

    Edition: 5th Edition (Nov 2022 & May 2023 Exams)

    About the Book :
    This Book is a Compilation of ICAI Module – Edition released for May 2022 Exam  & the Significant Case Laws released by ICAI for May 2022 Exam
    Respective Attempts RTP/Amendments are to be referred for Nov 2022 & May 2023 Exams.
    Rest Amendment will be covered in the Lectures. This Book can be used only with Video Lectures. (L
    andscape format – 2 pages on 1 side)
    Volume 1 – Compiled Concept Book (Compilation of ICAI Module released for May 2022 Exams)
    Volume 2 – Compiled Practice Book (This Book is a Compilation of ICAI Resources. All Past Papers Covered (May 2018 to Dec 2021) , ICAI Mock Papers (August 2018 to November 2021 Series), ALL 7 Questions from ICAI Additional Case Studies, 55 Case Study Digest as released by ICAI (Jan 2022 Edition))

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    Applicability: Specifically for May 2023 Exams. (If any Nov 2023 student wants to purchase now itself, they may go with the book, however they’ll have to cover the Amendments Separately)
    Amendments: Already covered till 31.10.2022 Just refer this Additions/Amendments File in addition to 10th Edition Book – Download from Free Notes after RTP is released

    Edition: 10th Edition (May 2023 Exams)

    Sample Pages from the Book:  Please Download from Free Resources Section on our website.
    Link: https://arpitatulsyan.com/freenotes/
    About The Book: https://youtu.be/4GwMXAKdG-c


    Books will be Available for Dispatch from 18/01/2023


    More Details about the Book & Its Content:

    Book is divided in 4 Volumes:

    Volume 1: Content Book of Company Law (In 4 colour)

    Volume 2: Content Book of Economic & Securities Law (In 4 colour)

    Volume 3: Subjective Question Book (In Single Colour)

    Volume 4: MCQ Book (In Single Colour)

    Features of the Book:

    Multi – Coloured Book | Easy to Understand  |  Full Coverage of the Syllabus (Around 1347 Pages) | Detailed & Comprehensive | Includes all Amendments upto 31.10.2022| Explanation using Flowcharts wherever possible  | Story Codes given to understand & retain the Answer | Exhaustive Coverage in Question & Answers – 2053 Questions (Subjective & MCQs)| MCQs also provided for every chapter | CA Final Law Question Bank |

    Coverage in Subjective Q & A:

    20 – ICAI Past Exam Questions from May 2013 to Nov. 2022 Exams

    23 – ICAI Mock Papers from August 2016 Series to October 2022 Series

    14 – ICAI Past RTP’s from May 2016 to Nov 2022

    100% Questions from ICAI Material & ICAI Question Bank

    All MCQ’s from Sample MCQs issued by ICAI , Case Studies & MCQs by ICAI- also covered.

    Technical Requirements for E-Book: Please refer the System Requirements in the Product Image for Book. Book can be viewed on Android Smartphones / Windows Laptop – Desktop. The Book can used be viewed using an Application/Software. It cannot be Downloaded/Printed/Edited. Any other Markings/Changes etc cannot be done.
    Validity of E-Book:
    If opted for E-Book only = Unlimited Views for 6 months.
    If opted for E-Book & Physical Book = Unlimited Views until you receive the physical book
    (Also Note: No Refund in any Circumstances)

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  • Test Series – LAW (Paper 4) – NOV. 2022

    Applicability: Specifically for Nov 2022 Exams.


    Evaluators: Chartered Accountants


    • The students can access their test papers through the mail which can be in the form of scheduled and unscheduled test series.
    • Difficulty level of the paper will be similar to ICAI main exams.
    • Suggested answers will be provided to the students only after they submit their answer sheet for evaluation.
    • Evaluated sheets along with examiners comment will be provided in maximum 3-4 Days.
    • In-depth analysis about weak and strong topics with the students will be conducted after the evaluation of the papers by Chartered Accountants along with guidance for improvement points on answer sheets. The Communication will be on an audio call.
    • Test Series Based Guidance + Preparation Based Assistance will be provided until exams.
    • Each Paper will be of 100 marks
    Last date: of submitting the Test Papers will be 15th October 2022.


    Fees: Depending on the Option you choose. (Also Note: No Refund in any Circumstances)


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